Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A little housekeeping.

Witty and amusing reports of rehearsals and gigs will now be posted on the witty and amusing Facebook page.

Administrative info (gig dates etc) will still be on this Blog.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Another full house rehearsal

Well, everyone was in Shed 3b for another splendid and action-packed rehearsal.

The now-compulsory health checklist included Ian straining his throat trying to sound like Jimmy Somerville, Tod thrilling us with tales of his Hiatus Hernia, and Charlie trying to explain what it feels like when a ladybird takes shelter in your inhaler, and ends up three parts of the way down into your lungs. (It's not nice, and the resultant reflex upthrowing/coughing was fairly painful).

Dave and John seemed healthy enough.

News filtered out during the evening that Ian used to have a 28" waist and a nice sparkly ear-ring. That might explain the Jimmy Somerville impersonation, then. Tod claims to have photographic evidence. It was suggested that hair might have featured, too, but that was dismissed roundly. Despite all these slurs, Ian very kindly brought the remains of his birthday cake. Despite this heart-warming gesture, we all gave him a hail of abuse for having just bought a Mercedes.

There was a bit of proper rehearsal, too, as we polished and honed a few songs until they shone.

I have an odd memory of a discussion about the incredible talent and charisma of Boy George and Culture Club, but I think I'd had too much cake and the blood had drained from my head, and must have imagined it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The end of the Fingers Crossed Tour

A few pictures from our last gig of 2016, at our home pub, the Thomas Lord in West Meon. I knew we were loud, but apparently the pub had to close for refurbishment just afterwards!


Charlie showing what he thinks of 'selfies'.

John and Charlie showing what they though of Ian's cry of "smile".

Tod's broad beaming smile shows what he thinks of being alcohol-free for Christmas.

Rehearsals start again

Finally, after a long break of about two months, we had a rehearsal. Just for a change, we avoided discussing the assorted illnesses that come with being in a band of old men, and enjoyed a half-hour list of car breakdowns. There were failing brakes and stubborn immobilisers, cracked engine blocks and Freelanders than had been reversed into effing great tractors.

Mind you, we did touch on one or two health issues. John kindly offered his liver to Tod, who told him to piss off. Ian's claim to be as hairy as Don Henley in the 70's was treated with some derision, and Charlie's flatulence was as bad as ever.

The music was good, though. Apart from Slade. Now that Bob Dylan has been forgiven for inflicting his terrible aural torture on us (thanks to his refusal to accept the Nobel Prize for Literature, finally acknowledging what we all knew), Slade have moved to the bottom of the pile.

A couple of dates have already surfaced for this year's tour, to be know as 'The 'Tour Ten' Tour'. Cos it's out tenth.

The evening ended with a Wombles-based singalong - who'd have thought that we all knew the words to Minuetto Allegretto?

There were plans to add this seventies classic to our repertoire, as well. Although, if we do the long version, we'll need a small orchestra. Internet research later revealed a spooky coincidence: both of these were produced by Mike Batt, of Perin's School, Alresford fame.

And, talking of spooky, as we left, Dave's truck gave up the ghost, and had to left in the mud. Oh, and we tried Tiger Feet briefly.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Last pic from the Bramdean gig

More pics from the Bramdean gig

Proof that you can fit a full contingent of Old Gits on a small stage, although it is a tight fit....
Did someone say 'Tight Fit'? All together now: "A-wim-oh-weh, a-wim-oh-weh...."
John and Dave looking cool as ever....mind you, not cavorting around with a toy lioness helps.

Final setting up and tuning up.

During the ploughman's lunch break, Simon and Charlie discuss cattle......Tod checks for pulse to see if he's been bored to death yet.

Simon hard at work with his knobs.


The FC Tour: Bramdean Village Hall.

When the local parish magazine uprates its advert for your gig from half a page (see previous post) to a full page, you know you're in business. Either that, or they haven't sold enough tickets to fill the village hall. It made no difference to us either way, we loaded up the Stealth Trailer just as Storm A for Arsebandit (or whatever it was) hit the south coast, and we headed down to Bramdean for the penultimate gig of the Fingers Crossed Tour.

We've played a few village halls over the years, and Bramdean qualifies as the most well-kept and spick'n'span of the lot. Beautifully decorated, clean as a whistle, and with high ceilings - I can remember it being used as a badminton court in the 1960s.  We did worry a bit about the acoustics, but our worries were diverted to the fact that the playgroup had not in fact been thrown out, and all their stuff was indeed still onstage, behind the curtains, and, yes, we were going to have to squeeze ourselves in between the tiny chairs, wetwipes ("Hmmm, very handy" said the huge pianist), bean bags and toy lionesses.
Luckily, we're down to a five-piece now, so once the monitors were delegated to tables just in front of the stage, we had loads of room.
A quick chair count suggested that 44 tickets had been sold, and everyone was in and ready to go by 8.15. Off we went, and the first dancers hit the floor after only a couple of songs. Despite fears of being rusty after a few weeks off (and without rehearsals), we played excellently. There was a pause for the raffle to be drawn, and to devour the world's simplest and best ploughman's supper (huge pianist nicked a packet of wetwipes from the playgroup before tucking in).
We over-ran our 11.00 finish by forty minutes, by which time everyone was one their feet, most of them doing line-dancing (which works really well as a way to get even the most reluctant Astairs and Rogers away from their tables, although it can seem a bit incongruous to be line-dancing to the Stones).
A huge thank you to the Bramdean Village Hall Committee for inviting us and feeding us, and letting us play with the toy lionesses.